Frequently Asked Questions


Enterprise may face to various operational problems at different stages of business development. We are therefore setting out below, some issues of common concern to the enterprise management such as trademark registration, patent application, copyright registration, translation services, space for meeting...

 01  What is guarantee trademark registration?

The guarantee trademark registration is the trademark registration mode initiated by Bajie Intellectual Property Rights. Failure to register will be refunded fully, so that the risk of registration could be reduced.


 02  What is an invention patent?

It is such a patent applied by the applicant to the state for the patent right of a new technical proposal concerning products, methods or improvements. Invention patents, as the intangible assets of enterprises, are the protection methods with high stability, protecting product and method innovation.


 03  What are patents for utility models?

The patents for utility models are such patents applied by the applicant to the state for the patent rights of new and practical technical proposals concerning product shapes, structures or both, able to protect such micro-innovations as the product shapes and structures.


 04  How long does the trademark design take?

After your requirements have been confirmed, the design manuscript can be produced in 3-5 working days. If you have special requirements, you can communicate with the design consultant and agree on the schedule.


 05  Does the receipt of the acceptance notice mean that the patent right has been granted?

The acceptance notice does not mean that the patent right for the creation has been granted. Only when the patent certificate has been issued after the approval of National Intellectual Property Administration, PRC can the application be said to have obtained the patent right.

 06  What are the benefits of copyright registration?

1. Your works, if copied, can be protected by law and its rights are well-founded;
2. Your works, holding Copyright Certificate, can be published and distributed;
3. The national certification makes your works value-added, with its copyright transferable and authorized to get net profits.

 07  How long is the period of copyright protection?

The term of copyright protection shall expire on December 31, 50 years after author’s death, from the date of completion of his/her works. The works of legal persons or other organizations shall expire on December 31, the 50th year from the date of publication. The works, if never published within 50 years since its creation, will no longer be protected by the copyright law.

 08  What is the difference between copyright certification and trademark registration of the works such as logo?

Compared with trademark registration, copyright certification takes less time and can fix the copyright right in advance. If someone preempts to register in advance, the preemptive trademark rights can be declared invalid by counteracting the trademark right with copyright.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at any time.